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A Catholic Survival Guide: Plain Talk from the Pews: Protecting Family and Faith

The Elephant in the Classroom

The Digital Pandemic


This book cuts through much of the formal and less familiar language of the Church and adds more than a smidgen of humor to the average person’s life in the pews.  It is written by laypersons with a scientific bent, not religious historians.  As scientists, we are uniquely qualified to inspect scientific and media criticism of the Church.

So if you’re curious about Christianity or have fallen away from the Church and want to take another look, you come to the right place.  Bring your prayer book, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a good flashlight.  Poke around inside this 2000 year old institution.

  • Have Catholics lost their sense of humor?
  • Media bias, the new persecution.
  • Sex scandals: what to believe.
  • Who are those men in black?
  • Is the Holy Spirit playing hooky?
  • Can we use secular science to prove we are special?


True Educational Reform will result in world-class achievement test scores, fewer discipline problems, less drug use, an end to failing and dropouts, a reduction in community crime, a lowered incidence of attention deficit disorder, and university graduation in 3 1/2 years. Too Good To Be True?

The Elephant in the Classroom is a scientific and nonpolitical analysis that doesn’t criticize school boards, teachers unions, administrators, parents, students, vouchers, or charter schools. No, the problem is in the system itself.

Mack R Hicks PhD is a scientist practitioner and neuropsychologist who founded schools in England and the United States. He exposes significant flaws in our educational system and shows parents how every student can succeed. The book focuses on recognition of student differences, reassessment of high-stakes testing, opening employment opportunities for all and challenging the myth that all students should attend college.


“A fine choice for any contemporary social issues or computer collection.“~ THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Are your kids spending the dinner hour texting at the table instead of conversing with the family? Are your coworkers constantly on their cell phones as deadlines fall on you? Are your friends twittering information you’d rather not have night and day? Are jobs being lost because of personal information made publicly available?

The Digital Pandemic reveals the disconnection of the digital age and how we are losing touch with one another. As a society we are increasingly becoming reclusive and our personal interactions are falling deeper into cyberspace. Mack R Hicks, PhD examines this growing epidemic, focusing on the psychological reasons behind why we pay more attention to iPads and cell phones than to each other.

Dr. Hicks reveals how to step out of the rubble of scattered e-mails and instant messages and reconnect with one another. The Digital Pandemic divulges critical insights into why this addiction happens and then offers proven strategies and practical solutions to help us unplug our attention from the computer screen and form or repair meaningful personal relationships.