Dr. Mack Hicks is a scientist-practitioner who was trained at the University of Florida, and the University of Wisconsin medical school psychology – psychiatry program. He practiced for over 30 years in the field of child and adolescent neuropsychology and opened the first school for dyslexics in the United Kingdom. He founded Center Academy, one of the first schools for learning disabilities in the United States, and is currently president of the board of 12 Center Academy schools in Georgia and Florida.

His nonfiction works include: Parent, Child, and Community (Nelson Hall publishers) and The Digital Pandemic (New Horizon Press). He writes monthly articles for the Psychology Today Magazine website.

He continues to interact with public and private school teachers and principals. These contacts, along with his experience and extensive research, have resulted in an original and challenging report on what is actually occurring in our schools today. The Elephant in the Classroom (How Our Fear of the Truth Hurts Kids and How Every Student Can Succeed) is an honest and realistic assessment of needs – and a prescription for change.