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Anything You Can Do —- I Can Do Better

Are Men’s and Women’s Brains the Same? There is little doubt that men and women’s brains are not the same, but is that helpful in making decisions about people?  Not usually, because all brains are different and there are no two brains that are exactly alike –– as far as we know –– as far […]

How We Can Help Fix Our Public Schools — Now

Many students do poorly in school and the labor market, especially students from the lower socio-economic class. Poor kids are more likely to need help with self-control, which tends to be better developed in children who grow up with both parents in the home. It takes a coordinated effort to establish routines and teach frustration tolerance. Kids who […]

Should Little Boys Wear Lipstick?

I read an article recently in a London Newspaper that reviewed a TV program titled “The Secret Life of Five Year Olds.”  I am writing this article as a precautionary measure because some of what we read in today’s newspapers reflects an entertaining but superficial view of child development.  In this particular article, the headline […]

General Trump and the Brain’s Civil War

Can our brain really be at war with itself?  Surprisingly enough, there’s quite a bit of evidence to support this concept.  While both sides of the brain are involved in every decision we make, there is still a significant difference in how the two hemispheres of the brain work, giving rise to wholly distinct takes […]

Let them eat cake, part 2: Just change social class?  

Students in the lowest socio-economic class do poorly in school and the labor market.  How difficult is it to help youngsters or their families move to higher levels? Despite the inspiring scenario in the Broadway play, “My Fair Lady,” it’s takes more than diction lessons to move up. Is it even possible? Anything is possible, […]

Do education elites forsake poor families?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, columnist Peggy Noonan suggested that elites are distancing and detaching themselves from those at the bottom of society. What she calls a historic decoupling between the top and bottom and a disregard for the overall good of society. It’s what Noonan calls “forsaking our countrymen.” Noonan is writing […]

Brain Training. Does it Work?

BRAIN TRAINING: DOES IT WORK? How do we maintain a healthy brain, especially in our later years? Research on neural plasticity continues to show the potential for regeneration in cognitive ability. My advice to friends and colleagues is to begin exercising unused areas of the brain. People with left-brain personalities who enjoy detailed, sequential tasks […]

School reform? Let them eat cake!  

According to mythology, Marie Antoinette was made aware of starvation among commoners.  Her response to the famine and shortage of bread was “let them eat cake.” It is doubtful that she ever said these words and they are similar to a statement made by Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV some 100 years earlier. These […]

Creaming For High Test Scores

Some naive school reformers think all schools can receive high test scores because they believe all  kids have the same academic potential. This just isn’t true. Only 30% or so are capable of advanced academic work. As a result, all schools, public and private, fight over the best students. Kids with the most academic potential […]

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

         How demanding equality hurts education and mental health. We are letting our emotions and humanistic strivings lead us down a dangerous path if we believe that “all men are created equal.” The truth is that all men are created unequal. There are no two humans who are equal in every respect, […]