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Here’s the latest review: “Hicks’s novel is fast-paced and captivating.The Sheltering Tower is exemplary of Hicks’s storytelling talent and would appeal to readers of all ages.” ForeWord Reviews.

Nov. 10, 2012 WHAT IS THE SHELTERING TOWER REALLY ABOUT? Some believe it’s a spy story. Others think it’s about a mother-son relationship and the search for a positive father-figure. The story incorporates these elements, but I think the main theme of the book is free will. Is free will a myth? Something concocted out […]

Nov. 2, 2012 I saw a great movie the other night titled In Darkness. As Nazis overrunWarsaw during World War II, some of the city’s Jews hide out in sewers to avoid the Gestapo. A terrific movie.  The director of the movie reported that one of the children, who later wrote a book about her […]