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School reform in 112 words?

Taking off the rose-colored glasses: How to reform American education in one paragraph –– (112 words): Reduce the academic high school graduate expectation to 65% so that high school becomes a true academic high school and not a glorified middle or elementary school. Allow 40% to 60% of interested students to elect career education on […]


The Southeastern Educational Board’s report is helpful, but the recommendation that we raise high school graduation rates to 90% or higher in all high schools within a decade is foolish to say the least. If this goal includes career education and giving high school credit for that education, then the recommendation makes sense. Otherwise, it […]

Why Have 5 Black Schools Failed?

School Crisis: Tampa Bay Times. Why are these five black schools far behind supposedly equivalent schools in other parts of the state? Should we blame the school board? Based on my own research, I believe part of the problem is that our school board has done a marvelous job of creating special programs such as […]

Does Your Child Need To See A Psychologist?

The answer to the question of whether or not your child needs to see a psychologist is simple: yes –– and so do you. Surprised? Sure, I could be wrong. You may be perfect and your child may be perfect, as well. But that is obviously unlikely. A licensed child and adolescent psychologist can give […]

College and Mr. Gates

 COLLEGE AND MR. GATES In his June 3, 2015 blog, Bill Gates asks students to do something he never did: graduate from college. Gates is a college dropout but believes he “got lucky.” He complains that enrollment in postsecondary programs has grown by over 50% in the past 25 years, but not enough people are […]

Emily’s World — how fear of the truth can destroy our children

I worked with many teens in my 30 years of psychological practice. The parents would bring their teen to my office, believing the youngster needed counseling for behavior or attitudinal problems. Invariably, the parents wondered what they had done wrong, but in many cases the difficulties and heartbreak stemmed from the school environment rather than […]

Real School Reform — Who Will Pay For It?

In previous articles I described how my research into the structure of our K-12 school system resulted in a realistic and workable reform that can succeed. (The Elephant in the Classroom). Because of the availability of alternative public school programs such as magnet schools and charters, along with parent access to private schools through vouchers […]

Stay in school, kids —– NONSENSE!

An article in the Tampa Bay Times, April 9, 2015, urges kids to stay in school. This seems like common sense advice, but what does it really mean? The author, Matt O’Brien of the Washington Post, makes the point that rocket scientists make more money than burger-flippers, and therefore kids should stay in school. There […]

Stop Bickering, Public School Critics, the Problem is Solved — Almost!

The enormous problem of America’s under performing schools is solved? You, the reader, are probably thinking that this historic solution, if it really exists, resulted from breakthroughs in technology. All those marvelous apps, whiteboards, and computers are turning the tide against defective schools. Nope, that’s not it. How about school choice, vouchers and charter schools? […]