Does Everyone Have To Be A Leader?

Our universities are requiring applicants to show leadership skills as well as high test scores and a history of volunteer work. Is this a good idea? There’s a danger that artistic and creative students may not excel in all courses and may be introverted and even socially awkward. Our colleges may be rejecting the very students they would like enroll. They are so intent on garnering high rankings that they are stuck in a left-brain, formula-driven approach to education. Should the truly creative even bother with standard university courses? It may do them more harm than good. (For more on this subject, please check Mack’s Blogs in the next few weeks).

The Christmas Story

I’ve watched the movie, The Christmas Story, on Christmas day for several years now. You know, the hilarious story of the boy who”s afraid of getting his eye shot out with a bee-bee gun. It is a good “Christmas story” but it’s more than that. Much like To Kill A Mocking Bird and other movies about family life and child development, it has an authentic feel to it and gives us a grounding in the past. Even though it’s a comedy and Mocking Bird is not, I’m adding The Christmas Story to my list of favorite movies.