Our Decisions: Free Will or Brain Hardwiring?

IMGP3053Does identifying areas of the brain that are activated by certain feelings or actions give us more insight into human behavior? And if a behavior seems to reside in an area of the brain, does this mean the brain is hard-wired for that behavior and we humans are not exercising free will when we make choices?

I don’t think so, however the media keep churning out articles implying that a person’s choice to behave in a certain way is really no choice at all, but rather is the result of brain hard-wiring. This presents us with a cause-and-effect dilemma: Does a hard-wired brain make us behave in a certain fashion or is our behavior independent of brain localization?

One good example of this cause-and-effect dilemma is found in an article by Elizabeth Svoboda in The Wall Street Journal of Saturday/Sunday, Aug. 31 and September 1, 2013 titled “Hard-Wired for Giving.” The headline states that scientists have identified the precise brain circuits behind our urge to give, and this helps us to understand the motivation for giving behavior.

 There is a clear implication here that the brain is in control and we humans are following directions willy-nilly from the brain –– which is calling the shots, so to speak.
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