20 reforms: No. 15: Military Schools

Military schools.

These schools have been around for a long time. I attended one in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two years. They offer structure and close personal attention. But again, these have been selective private schools. Now some public-private charter schools are choosing to follow the military model in order to get more kids into college. Former San Francisco mayor Jerry Brown, who is now governor of the state of California, started the Oakland Military Institute in 2001. Other charter schools want to go military to replicate the instruction provided at Oakland Institute.

Military schools provide even more structure and self-control training than ordinary boarding schools, and they teach teamwork and willpower. Earlier I commented on research by Dr. Roy Baumeister at Florida State University which indicated that self-control is a key element for future success.

Once again, this is a good effort, but if the goal is to get everyone into college, they’re not listening to the elephant. Most kids should be in career training. Creaming is also a real concern. Who will go to the military campus and how will parents learn about it. And what about the children of uninformed parents in neighborhood schools? Will they get career, and/or college prep experience? elephant 003“School Goes Military to Push Kids to College,” Tampa Bay Times, October 20, 2013.


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