Common Core: Another in a Long Line of Reform Failures?

I certainly hope the new Common Core school reform works as planned, but I have seen these school reforms come and go and I see trouble ahead for this one. It seems to be based on the concept that everyone can be prepared to attend college and that setting up these standardized instructional goals and tests […]

Social Security Broke! Where Did the Gold Go?

A gang must have broken into the Social Security vaults, because the vaults are empty. No, this is not breaking news. The fact is that we have no money in the Social Security vaults and that current Social Security payments come from current employees. So, it’s not putting away savings for the future, as we […]

Still Sleeping With Your Teddy Bear? Shame, Shame!

Do you still sleep with your teddy bear, or do you know where that cuddly creature of comfort is stashed, maybe in the attic or the garage? If so, do you worry about your mental health or perhaps have concluded that you’re still pretty immature? Retaining some attachment to an early comforter is perfectly natural and nothing […]

Is Technology Killing Us?

Ross Douthat wrote recently in The New York Times, Sunday, May 19, 2013, about lonely people and the fact that the suicide rate for Americans 35 to 54 increased nearly 30% between 1999 and 2010. He quotes a Virginia sociologist, Brad Wilcox, who connects suicide and weakened social ties. In my opinion, other factors may […]

Easy Learning

As I queried in my recent book, “The Digital Pandemic, Reestablishing Face-to-Face Contact in the Electronic Age.” New Horizon Press: “Maybe good learning is like making good wine. Remember the old saying: no wine before its time? What happens when we harvest the wine before it’s ready? It’s quicker and requires less patience on our […]

How Much is that Professor in the Window?

Remember Patti Page, the Tulsa vocalist who sang How Much is that Doggie in the Window ?  According to the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, May 8, 2013, jobless professionals in Denmark are sitting in storefront windows for exposure and possible job offers. It’s a sad situation but seems to be helping people, including professors,  get jobs. […]

Our media. Have they no decency?

I make an effort not to watch our local TV news or read our local newspaper, except for the sports section. The reason is that I object to being bombarded with images of poor people who have lost a loved one and who are asked to say a few words for the camera in the […]

Are American Films Slipping?

I was never a fan of foreign films. The people who watched them seem to be trying to make a statement rather than just enjoying old foreign movies. Now I’m finding that most of the good films I view on Netflix are indeed foreign — and not old. Many are French and some come from […]


Today, Florida passed a law against driving and texting. When I wrote The Digital Pandemic, some folks said I wanted to to back to the horse and buggy days. I don’t (although one must pay a lot to ride in a buggy today) but we would have saved millions of lives if we knew of the […]

Rich Kids Do Better In School?

NY Times Sunday Review 4/28/13 “No Rich Child Left Behind” by Scott Reardon. Income is a better predictor of success in school than race says the Stanford professor of sociology. This is hardly new data because we have known for many years that social class is more significant than race. But now Reardon says there is […]

The End Of The Family As We Know it.

I came across the concept of “soul-mate” marriages in the writings of Ross Douthat. My take is that these unions focus on love and emotional gratification disconnected from the links of institutional marriage. Soul-mate vs. institutional. That explains a lot. As part of a move toward secularism and self-gratification, the soul-mate is an unavoidable consequence of […]


  In my last article, Kids and iStuff – Give Me a Break! I asked whether children enjoy free choice when using electronic games. After all, we have naïve, dependent children up against the adults who design and operate these games. And these adult merchants and consulting psychologists use behavioral modification and learning theory to […]