Steve Jobs: Low I.Q.? Walter Isaacson, author of the biography, Steve Jobs, reports in the New York Times (Sunday Review, October 30, 2011), that Jobs didn’t do well when confronted with a brain teaser involving monkeys carrying a load of bananas across the desert—an applied math problem that contained the usual restrictions on how far […]

Early Cognitive Stimulation May Not Help

Research going back to the sixties shows that early cognitive stimulation has only a transitory effect. The gains pre-schoolers make from these programs don’t hold up in the early grades. Lack of brain maturation may be holding things back. Parents boast that their very young children can now read — thanks to electronic game formats, but the […]

Is Christian Fiction Dead?

What has happened to Christian fiction?  Paul Elie, in the December 23, 2012 New York Times Book Review, wrote that Christian belief figures into literary fiction “as something between a dead language and a hangover.” He comments on a bestseller about free will, written from a Catholic perspective, but points out that the novelist, Anthony […]

Armed Guards No Solution to Newtown, Conn. Tragedy

One county in Florida will have armed guards at all elementary public shools in response to parental concerns over the Newtown, Conn. tragedy. Will this do more than give the perception of safety? I think not. If the guard is truely an obstacle to the shooter’s plans, the voice in the young schizophrenic’s head will […]

Does Everyone Have To Be A Leader?

Our universities are requiring applicants to show leadership skills as well as high test scores and a history of volunteer work. Is this a good idea? There’s a danger that artistic and creative students may not excel in all courses and may be introverted and even socially awkward. Our colleges may be rejecting the very students they would like enroll. […]

The Christmas Story

I’ve watched the movie, The Christmas Story, on Christmas day for several years now. You know, the hilarious story of the boy who”s afraid of getting his eye shot out with a bee-bee gun. It is a good “Christmas story” but it’s more than that. Much like To Kill A Mocking Bird and other movies […]

Candles of Grace

I got this idea for a painting from a photo in Notre Dame University magazine. When I painted it, I  shaped the wax to give the perception of human shape. It is on the back cover of The ShelteringTower.

Hungover from Politics?

What better way to recover from incessant verbiage and unsolicited phone calls than through the blessings (and humor) of poetry. Please go to my BLOGS to read a new poem is by a gifted writer and friend, Steve Keteltas.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy turkey everyone. Our video of old Abe entering the cathedral is in the can. Should be up in a week or so.


Here’s the latest review: “Hicks’s novel is fast-paced and captivating.The Sheltering Tower is exemplary of Hicks’s storytelling talent and would appeal to readers of all ages.” ForeWord Reviews.

Nov. 10, 2012 WHAT IS THE SHELTERING TOWER REALLY ABOUT? Some believe it’s a spy story. Others think it’s about a mother-son relationship and the search for a positive father-figure. The story incorporates these elements, but I think the main theme of the book is free will. Is free will a myth? Something concocted out […]

Nov. 2, 2012 I saw a great movie the other night titled In Darkness. As Nazis overrunWarsaw during World War II, some of the city’s Jews hide out in sewers to avoid the Gestapo. A terrific movie.  The director of the movie reported that one of the children, who later wrote a book about her […]