Who robbed your right brain? Santa?

I have referred to Iain McGilchrist’s book The Master and His Emissary in previous writings.  McGilchrist worries about the increasing control of the left hemisphere in our lives and what that means for our future culture. I agree. I have written about some of the negative effects of technology as related to the left and […]

Could career studies kids lose out?

Is it possible that a child might not have sufficient achievement scores and/or might not be motivated for college while only a middle-school or high school student but demonstrate brain maturation later on and ultimately attend college? This could happen, but this is not typical. It’s important to deal with probability and not possibility when […]

Who makes more, college or career?

What will pull parents and students to advanced career studies? There should be no student or parent fees for public school career training, and students may be able to put money in their pockets at age 16 or 17 rather than at age 22 or 23, which is often the case with students today who […]

How to sell career education

Selling career education. We’ll need a full scale marketing blitz to increase the acceptability of career education and to counter the myth that college is always the superior outcome. This marketing could feature successful role models, including celebrities from business, the arts, and occupations such as race car drivers, and baseball and soccer All-Stars. One […]

Is College the Promised Land?

The Elephant in the Classroom doesn’t believe that college is always the path to the good life. Careers not requiring a bachelor’s degree? There is still the clear implication that with a bachelor’s degree one can do it all, but some jobs just don’t require all that “marvelous” learning. Take it from me, a bachelor’s […]

Who’s defending our teachers?

I would like to take this opportunity to say something in defense of our teachers and our public school system today. Comparing our kids with kids in Norway, China, or other foreign countries is ludicrous, in my humble opinion. This is truly comparing apples and oranges. America is an immigrant society that accepts and works […]

Is early education the answer?

Preschool programs may help some students, although there are no solid data to support this. To be effective, these programs must include nutrition, healthcare, and family counseling in addition to academics. Intensive programs can produce some positive results in poor children, perhaps in the 10% range, but with no lasting effect on increased IQ scores. […]

School Reform, a Waste of Time?

Parent support. Many teachers today will tell you that all these reforms are a waste of time because it’s really the parents who are responsible for their students’ poor efforts. They will give you a litany of negative experiences involving angry, recalcitrant, and aggressive parents, many of whom seem to have little interest in their […]

Equal Ability —- A Lovely Myth

A Lovely Myth This is a lovely myth, no doubt. And most of us would like to believe it is true. After all, our Declaration of Independence promises us equal opportunity and a shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers also taught us to respect all people, regardless of rank or […]

Kids Are Similiar?

A chorus line. We speak glibly about our students, as if they’re all the same. Because of similar clothing styles, slouching to look cool, or letting their pants hang down in the back, they evoke a certain similarity. But they’re all different. Remember the stage play, A Chorus Line? Yes, when you line them up […]

Apples and Oranges — or Horses?

The current system of putting Career types with College Prep types in  “blended” classes reminds me of the differences between race horses and quarter horses. Race horses run for long distances, such as a mile and a half. They’re a bit on the nerdy side and require lots of exotic training –– and they can […]

How Selection Creates “Killing Fields.”

The formula. This Elephant in the Classroom formula may help us better understand the causes underlying the crisis in American schools today: If SC ≥ 50% Then NSC = (BC+ HT+ MA) – (AC + AA) = CCAS Let’s take a look at these causes underlying our educational problems before returning to this formula. Creaming. Most of […]