Are We the Dropouts?

Are we the dropouts? Since we’re having difficulty with this residue of neighborhood school students (the coffee grounds) who are not selected for other programs, maybe what we’re really doing is using magnets, charters, and other programs, academic and career, to drop out of the killing fields. Yes, maybe we’re the dropouts! Since schools are […]

Case against college II

According to Joseph Epstein, the merit in our meritocracy may not be genuine. “The only thing that normal undergraduate schooling prepares a person for is –– more schooling. Having been a good student, in other words, means nothing more than that. One was good at school. One had the discipline to do what one was […]

The Case Against College — Part One

So why this love affair with college? Many Americans think college equals success and they naturally want the very best for their children. Similar to infatuation, this love affair may not last long. Most children should not go to college. Substantial numbers don’t complete college in four years and are not successful financially. This misperception […]

Creaming: Where Did the Kids Go?

Some 10% percent of school-aged students are not in the neighborhood school because they are in private-religious, private-secular, or home-based schools. These students may not all be above average in academic ability, but they often have at least three of the elephant’s legs: ability to focus, motivation, and self-control. Another 8% of all students are […]

Creaming off students

Creaming. Why are we often unfair to students in our neighborhood public schools?.  Before I suggest a way to help these kids, let’s remove the eye mask and look at the real parade ground, where our elephant does her stuff. What kind of a place is this, and how did it evolve? Is this a […]

I.Q and College, Part ll

We would like to believe that all students have the same potential, but that just isn’t the case. Children differ in terms of personality, motivation, and other factors that impinge on academic success. The idea that all people have the same ability is a great American myth. Further along in the article cited above, Ellen […]

Will Raising I.Q. Help Kids Learn?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal claims that music lessons may boost IQ. A University of Toronto psychology professor found that first-graders showed bumps in IQ scores after a year of singing lessons. And a 2009 study used an MRI to study the brains of 31 six-year-old children before and after 15 months […]

What Happened to Love at First Sight?

A smartphone app called Tinder serves up thousands of potential dating matches. This service offers big numbers and endless possibilities. But Leah Reich, in her New York Times article, “Playing the Numbers in Digital Dating,” August 17, 2014, questions whether dating as a numbers game really fits the human condition. Thousands of numbers, thousands of […]

DWD Digital Withdrawal Disorder

I played for a living! No, I’m not talking about playing professional sports. I’m talking about how I made a living as a psychologist. Yes, I played. I played hard. With boys. Parents would bring their son to my clinic because he was distant and withdrawn or acting out in school. The young patient typically was a […]

Donald Sterling, Bigot or Adolescent?

Everyone is aware of Donald Sterling’s taped comments criticizing a female friend for associating with black people. This resulted in his loss of control of the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball team. I don’t know if Donald Sterling is a bigot, but his comments have resulted in outrage, and this is understandable considering the climate […]

Is Reading The Same As Digital Gaming?

Allison Gopnik wrote an insightful column in The Wall Street Journal, “The Kid Who Wouldn’t Let Go Of The Device,” March 22–23rd 2014. In it, she recounted the story of a little girl who was given “The Device” when she was only age 2. “It worked through a powerful and sophisticated optic nerve/ brain/ mind […]

Are girls too bossy — or not bossy enough?

Sheryl Sandberg and Anna Maria Shavez have written a book. I don’t know what kind of advance the authors received, but their “Big 7” publisher is giving them plenty of exposure, including The Wall Street Journal and Parade Magazine. They even managed to get Condoleezza Rice’s endorsement.   These two high-powered executives are worried that […]