Mack’s Visit to Cuba

I just returned from an eight-day visit to Cuba. I wanted to see the results of the revolution for myself. Here are a few observations while they are still fresh: Even the Cubans will joke that the revolution brought more equality, but failed when it came to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, this is a […]

Are Private Schools Bad For America?

In the Sunday, Sept. 1 2013 Tampa Bay Times newspaper, Allison Benedikt pleaded with parents to keep their children in public schools. “You are a bad person if you send your children to a private school.” Why would anyone speak that way about private schools? After all, many of our leaders attended private schools and […]

We Need Nuns to Chaperone

Bystander intervention is a new program at colleges to prevent sexual assault. An outside party is going to intervene between two drunken students before something bad happens and this may be a good idea, but what about teaching the students something about individual responsibility? Men need to be told they have responsibilities and may need […]

What’s Wrong With Texting?

Yes, born-again. That’s me, I’ll admit it, right up front. I’ve been worried about the dangers lurking behind technological changes for some time now. Dangers that could unravel society as we know it. Turns out I was correct about the unraveling part, but I didn’t realize that this new world of technology would lead to […]

Shame on Santa — stealing the right brain

I have referred to Iain McGilchrist’s book The Master and His Emissary in previous writings.  McGilchrist worries about the increasing control of the left hemisphere in our lives and what that means for our future culture. I agree. I have written about some of the negative effects of technology as related to the left and […]

Why Can’t A Woman Be Like A Man?

Remember the song from the musical My Fair Lady? We have known that brain wiring is different in men and women for about 30 years. Women have a better balance between both hemispheres of the brain and men. Men are more extreme. There are more men who are geniuses but also more men who are […]

Dogs Go To Heaven

Yes, these days some dogs are going to hospice. I can certainly empathize with the child or adult who loves their pet and does not want to see them in anguish, but I think it’s important to remember that animals are not people. While thousands of dollars are spent to make animals more comfortable as […]


In the last six years the rate of diagnosis of ADHD has jumped 15% according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What are some of the possible factors behind this increase in ADHD symptoms? Over diagnosis is certainly a possibility, although the criteria for diagnosing the behavior associated with ADHD have […]

My Mommy the Robot

 Now, for the first time, advanced technology frees working parents from guilt associated with not being home with their children enough. Little Sarah Jenkins never feels lonely. She has her dog Angel, and of course her Mommy-Love, a 4-foot-tall AIBO (Artificial Intelligent Robot) wrapped in warm, soft blankets that smell of fresh roses –– Sarah’s […]

Our Decisions: Free Will or Brain Hardwiring?

Does identifying areas of the brain that are activated by certain feelings or actions give us more insight into human behavior? And if a behavior seems to reside in an area of the brain, does this mean the brain is hard-wired for that behavior and we humans are not exercising free will when we make choices? I don’t think […]

Is the tablet the pill schools need?

Everyone wants to reform our public schools. Most of these folks are sincere, although billions of dollars can be made through the sale of electronic teaching devices. In the article I mentioned in my post, from the New York Times Magazine, Joel Klein reportedly states that the tablet can help customize the teaching experience and […]

Cyberbullying: What now?

In The Digital Pandemic, Reestablishing Face-to-Face Contact in the Electronic Age, I pointed out the dangers of cyberbullying. It’s not an epidemic, but when it leads to suicide, it’s a dreadful thing. A 12-year-old girl in Lakeland, Florida killed herself because of cyberbullying. An article in the Tampa Bay times on Saturday, September 14, 2013 […]