Teens and Internet: Helpmate or Pied Piper?

The latest violation of the Developmental Principle comes in an article about Dana Boyd, Ph.D. (The New York Times, Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012; “Cracking Teenagers’ Online Codes,” by Pamela Paul.) Dr. Boyd is a 34-year-old anthropologist with a pierced tongue, an Elmo-decorated iPhone, and a Snow White laptop. She’s employed at Microsoft, and runs the […]

Are Private Schools Bad for America?

In the Sunday, September 1, 2013. Tampa Bay Times newspaper, Allison Benedikt pleads with parents to keep their children in public schools.”You are a bad person if you send your children to private school.” She believes there is more to education than what is taught in schools. Even if the courses are not well taught,the […]

Should We Take Credit for Charitable Giving?

Does identifying areas of the brain that are activated by certain feelings or actions give us more insight into human behavior? And if a behavior seems to reside in an area of the brain does this mean the brain is hard-wired for that behavior and we humans are not exercising free will when we make choices? […]

Dealing With Concussions

Neuropsychologists (sometimes referred to as neuro-scientists), have studied the effects of concussions for many years. Anything new? Yes, recent findings highlight a couple of significant factors: The first is that concussion effects may linger for a long time after symptoms of dizziness and headaches have disappeared.  One small study found brain changes up to year after […]

Did John Wayne need Viagra? Nope.

 To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about how John Wayne functioned, but he certainly was the epitome of masculinity. When he walked into a room people knew they were up against a strong, confident, male — make that cowboy. I remember when he went to Harvard to lecture students while carrying a […]

Why The Increase in ADHD?

In the last six years the rate of diagnosis of ADHD has jumped 15% according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What are some of the possible factors behind this increase in ADHD symptoms? Over diagnosis is certainly a possibility, although the criteria for diagnosing the behavior associated with ADHD have […]

Who to Trust: Science, Reason or Tradition?

This title comes from Wendell Berry’s Life Is A Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition. Berry criticizes scientists who believe the mind is just a machine. He calls this the Tarzan Theory of the mind, which holds that a human, raised entirely by apes, “would have a mind nonetheless fully human.” He substitutes what he […]

The Death of Superman

IF WE BELIEVE THE MOVIES, Superman is still a superhero. But according to DC Comics, the Doomsday machine killed Superman in 1992. I was sorry to learn of his passing, because when I was a kid we all wanted to be Superman. Of course, that meant flying through space, seeing through walls, and running faster […]

Play Video Games Outdoors?

Playing video games outdoors. Sounds kinds of dangerous, doesn’t it? Whatever prompted such a scary thought? I can see kids walking into trees while they play Donkey Kong.  In my book, The Digital Pandemic, Reestablishing Face-to-Face Relationships in the Electronic Age, I pointed out some research indicating that children with attention deficit disorder do better […]

Druging Our Kids Day and Night?

Pediatricians are worried because some parents use Melatonin to help their children get to sleep at night. (The Wall Street Journal, Sunday, June 30, 2013:  a magic sleeping pill for children? By Jennifer. Breheny Wallace).That’s all we need: kids drugged at night by their parents and then turned over to electronic games during the day […]

Zombie Talk: Night of the Living Dead

Zombies? Sounds like a B-grade horror movie doesn’t it? But critics like World War Z. Zombies from another world or home grown? In Iain McGIilchrist’s book, The Master and His Emissary (The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World), McGilchrist warns that our culture is moving toward a left-brain view of the world that is […]

Is it the immigrants or us?

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush got a lukewarm response from conservatives when he said that immigrants are more fertile and are needed to keep America’s population young and to sustain a healthy economy. Immigrants created far more businesses than native born Americans over the past 20 years, he said. I think he’s right. From what […]