Rejecting Test, “Massachusetts Shifts Its Model” by Kate Zernike (Nov. 22) New York Times.
No where in this article is there any mention of the students. It’s about time we started looking at the students who are being affected by school reform. These experts are obviously operating under the assumption that all students are exactly the same. This is a Great American myth and so is the belief that all students should go to college. The truth is that no two students are the same in every respect. Even cowboys in the “Old West” knew more about their cattle than these folks know about kids.
High-stakes testing and Common Core may benefit students who are motivated for college and who have the intellectual resources to succeed. These reforms hurt students who lack the motivation for academics or do not have high academic ability. Career education students should have an opportunity to participate in career courses rather than wasting their time retaking academic tests.
I believe these experts need to check some of their basic assumptions and realize that there are real people out there and not just abstractions that can be manipulated by politically-driven agendas. 102_0296