Everyone has an opinion on the new pope. Everyone. I think we are still in the honeymoon phase, but sooner or later criticism will erupt. Maybe that’s the way it goes with popes.

If we think back to the year A.D. 42, The Roman Register Newspaper had a story on Peter, the new pope. “A really questionable selection,” the article said. “Peter? The Rock? In the  first place he’s from out-of-town and we know little about him. We’ve got too many immigrants in this country– need to build a wall or something. We also hear he’s unreliable. Apparently let down his mentor, this Jesus fellow. Denied him a few times — in public!

“Peter will probably be a conservative, too. He’s already invoking the 10 commandments and spouting crazy talk from his mentor such as ‘the meek shall inherit the earth.’ Maybe he’s not conservative, maybe he’s really a communist. Anyway, he’s a scary guy.

“Then there was this preacher named Jesus. He wouldn’t have been fit for the popeship either. Wanted to be king, but he was never employed, although he caught a few fish in his time and they say he was a winemaker. Anyway, he hadn’t  been thoroughly vetted and probably wouldn’t have done any better than this Peter fellow.

“So what do we think of this new pope? Maybe we better wait and see if this new Christian thing is still here a year from now.”