Vietnam Oceania 077A gang must have broken into the Social Security vaults, because the vaults are empty. No, this is not breaking news. The fact is that we have no money in the Social Security vaults and that current Social Security payments come from current employees. So, it’s not putting away savings for the future, as we do privately. The Social Security system is merely a transfer system. And it looks like that system cannot be sustained for too many more years without reform.

This is another good reason for finding a way to allow immigrants to enter the United States. These good people are young and their employment taxes will help support our system. They don’t have older parents who need support and yet they pay full taxes. This is why the president and the two political parties need to avoid playing politics and get an immigration reform bill passed — and soon.

No,the Mafia hasn’t stolen all the gold from our Social Security bank, because it wasn’t there to begin with.