What if your child has the academic ability, self-control and motivation necessary for college, but is tempted to pursue career training? Which way to go? Your child may be able to do both, regardless of where he/she begins, but students with very high academic ability will probably benefit the most and contribute more to society by attending college. This isn’t always the case, of course, and some very bright individuals have left college in order to follow up on creative insights and start programs that are financially rewarding and important to society.

In some ways the university world is a non-real world. It’s a think tank, a finishing school, and a self-congratulatory system that feeds the ego. But it is also an incubator of professional classes such as professors, physicians, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and scientists. From this system, our country expects leadership and the discovery of things that presently don’t exist. These innovations will come from the top 1%-10% of our academic strivers.elephant 003